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Our menu celebrates the very best of local produce, sourced from our country’s most respected farmers and artisans. Beyond meat, our coals inspire seafood, fish, poultry and fresh, earthy vegetable dishes, not to mention our tempting desserts. Each day a seasonal showstopper pays homage to the delicious diversity of cooking with fire – a dish you simply have to try.

Awarded chef David Higgs’ quintessential South African fare, with his finishings, flavour and finesse, ensures that there is something for all good food lovers at Marble.

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Our Signature Meat Cuts

When it comes to meat, we’re obsessed with every detail. It’s what makes us Enthusiasts. From the spacious plains of the coastal Tsitsikamma region to the acres of golden Okanagan fields, we’ve visited every producer, specially selecting every cut on our menu. Renowned for maturity, taste, marbling and distinction, this is some of the world’s most sought after beef.

Migo’s Jersey Beef, Tsitsikamma

Three generations have dedicated their craft to hand rearing hormone and stimulant-free, pasture fed, open-roaming cattle. Yielding a succulent flavourful prime cut with a signature Jersey tinge of beautiful, buttery fat.

A Tasting of our Sirloin Selection

Chalmer Sirloin, Migo’s Jersey Sirloin and Silent Valley Wagyu Sirloin

RR Ranch Northwest Meat, Washington State, Usa

Family owned since 1968, RR Ranch is not simply a leading beef producer in the United States but is internationally revered and awarded for its levels of marbling. Unparalleled when it comes to consistency, integrity and sustainability with a USDA prime AAA grade.

Silent Valley Wagyu, Ingogo, South Africa

With farms established in 1919, Silent Valley Wagyu now proudly produces some of World’s most exquisite beef. The very best of our Signature Range, export grade Wagyu makes its way to Marble.

Chalmar Beef, South Africa

At Chalmar, the perfect balance of science and heart translate to tender, juicy beef of extraordinary quality in every cut.

*All steaks served with Marble fries and salad or vegetable